"At M. Shiroma Construction Company, our quality commitment is based on our commitment to a foundation of values."

Our Founder


In 1972, our founder, Masaru Shiroma, started a small one-man outfit that specialized in residential and commercial painting. He built the company on the premise of providing a quality and valued service with professionalism and integrity. With those keys to success, M. Shiroma Construction Company has weathered over 25 years as a leader in the coatings application industry in Hawaii.

In 1996, Masaru Shiroma retired and passed the reigns on to his son, Glenn Shiroma, who succeeded him as president of the company. Masaru's extensive knowledge of painting and the industry led him the distinction of being one of the most respected craftsmen in our community.



Our President 


At an early age our president, Glenn Shiroma, trained in the business of painting with his father and also learned the valuable lessons of running a business - with quality, professionalism, and integrity. 

As President, Glenn maintains the vision of the company - to continue in a tradition of excellence. Since 1996, Glenn has captained the company into a new era of excellence with the development of a highly efficient operation and top-notch crew of skilled craftsmen.

M. Shiroma Construction Company is a family owned and operated business offering quality painting services in Hawaii since 1972. We have worked on a number of commercial and high-rise re-paint projects in the islands. Our commitment to a tradition of excellence carries itself throughout every aspect of our business - building relationships with our customers, our training and hiring philosophy for all of our craftsmen and support staff, and our pledge to guarantee you satisfaction.


Suppliers, Vendors & Affiliations



The M. Shiroma Painting Company, Inc.'s commitment to quality extends to the relationships that we build with our quality suppliers, vendors, and our industry affiliations. Working closely with manufacturing representatives, special coating representatives, materials suppliers and equipment dealers, we are sure to stay on top of new trends and developments in our industry.


We use only high quality materials and employ skilled craftsmen to ensure that each and every customer is guaranteed satisfaction. In our small island state, reputation is everything and customer satisfaction will always be our focus.






Painters Union Local 1791 • Carpenters Union Local 745 • Tapers Union Local 1944 • Painters and Decorators Contractors Association • General Contractors Association